Hey! My name is David Skudra.

I'm a builder. I've always had a passion for piecing things together, from a Lego model to my latest programming works. You could say that I'm in the business of connecting the dots.

I'm currently a Senior at the University of Waterloo, getting my Bachelors of Computer Science. I've recently worked as a Software Engineering Intern at NASA and Verizon.



I believe that developing is the same as building, so naturally I love to develop things in some of my favourite languages, like C++.


We are visual beings. We process information based on what we see, so I make sure to appeal to that, through comments in my work or documentation for my projects.

Open Source

I love working with open source projects. Open source is important to me because collaboration brings about the best in our code.

Stay Hungry

I'm not satisfied with par for the course. It doesn't matter if I'm programming, playing baseball, or hitting the gym; I strive for excellence in everything I do.